Cool down to the relaxing sound of a fan. The Sounds of Fans CD is a collection of high quality recordings of fan sounds.
Each fan was recorded in carefully selected environments and range from vintage to modern, small to large, and even rusty antique fans.
  Each track is aprox. 10 minutes in length, with some tracks capturing the aura of the surroundings, such as the country sounds of a front porch in the summertime or a thunderstorm brewing in the distance.   Get to sleep faster | Perfect for you iPhone & iPod | Mask outside & unwanted noises | Great for the traveler | White noise to calm babies | Tinnitus relief | Great for relaxation & guaranteed to blow you away!

    DOWNLOAD The Sounds of Fan Album:   TESTIMONIALS
All Tracks Included on CD:        
1. Afternoon Nap Listen   Purchase seperately for .99 cents.  
2. Grandmas Old Fan Listen   Purchase seperately for .99 cents.  
3. Front Porch In The Summertime Listen   Purchase seperately for .99 cents.  
4. Cool Breeze Listen   Purchase seperately for .99 cents.  
5. Fan In The Loft Listen   Purchase seperately for .99 cents.  
6. Ice Cold Lemonade Listen   Purchase seperately for .99 cents.  
7. Fresh Air After The Storm Listen   Purchase seperately for .99 cents.  









Available now through iTunes, and Google Play.




"I absolutely love the loopable MP3’s that are on the downloadable CD. What a fantastic idea! I love it!”
Jennifer, California

"Tinnitus is something I can handle but requires an effort everyday and almost every hour. The Sounds of Fans recordings are the absolute best thing for me that I have found so far."
Rod, Arizona

I was blown away by this...
Simply amazing, a must buy. I can't recommend this enough.
When you can't have a real fan this is the next best thing. UK Review - PGIBS

.. The Sound of Fans is not merely an album, it is an audible-sensory experience to be believed.
Over the last few days and weeks I've experienced the emotional rollercoaster that is this album. The thrill of 'Fresh air after the storm', the agony and distraught of 'Grandma's old fan', and of course the refreshingly avante garage 'Ice Cold Lemonade'. I only wait with baited breath for the tour dates to be announced so I can experience this ground-breaking collection of tracks in the flesh. UK Review - THEBOYLOGAN

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